Friday, December 23, 2011

Out of the gate

Snow and music pair well in my head. Last winter, I started bugging Wachusett Mountain to make a big deal about the array of music it was booking into the Coppertop lounge. We're not talking doe-eyed gals or bearded dudes strumming Eagles tunes, but bands_ rock bands, blues bands, jazz bands, pop bands_ mixing original tunes in with familiar fare. The Wah is also a popular destination for nationally touring bands making promo stops (the video is from Stone Sour's Coppertop visit last season). So the mountain let me revive online the music column I used to write for the T&G newspaper. This season, we're spreading out the coverage across the week on the Wachusett Entertainment Blog (or WEB). So check back, leave comments about your own snow-music ideas, and happy skiing, riding and listening.

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