Monday, January 16, 2012

Ones, twos, and a question

This week the Coppertop welcomes two of the region's premier solo acts; a duo that reunites former members of North County band Krakow; and a veteran blues man. The Patriots' march to the Super Bowl is upending the music scene a bit; Glenn Stewart's show Sunday is being postponed to allow full attention be paid to the Pats-Ravens playoff game.

Bruce Jacques returns to the mountain Thursday night. Jacques is a frenetic showman, mixing hit songs with wry humor. Andy Cummings is another standout playing this week. Cummings, who won the Worcester Music Award last year for Best Solo Artist, is playing Saturday afternoon from 3 to 5.

On Friday night, Brian Chaffee and Adam Sausville, who were both in Krakow, reunite for a duo show, mixing up Chaffee's originals and covers.

Then Saturday night, starting at 8, Chris Stovall Brown gets the room grooving to his brand of blues. Stovall Brown (featured in the video) is a dean of the New England blues scene, having led bands and jams since the 1970s.

And finally, last week I once again fell into the discussion about iPods and skiing. My ski buddy last Friday is a firm believer in having earbuds in place while on the slopes; he spends the drive up making playlists, even. I, after skiing and riding a few times with an iPod, bagged the tunes and still just prefer the natural ambient sounds of the experience. Feel free to weigh in through the comments section.

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