Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Trebek back in action

Trebek's "In the Dark" is built to move you. Not with heartbreaking ballads or inspirational insights. No, Trebek will physically move you.

"With this album we attempted to put a dance beat into every song," explains Trebek bassist Mike Kelly.

But "In the Dark" isn't a dance record in the classic sense; it's a dance record in the AC/DC "Back in Black" sense or Rolling Stones "Some Girls" sense. Like those beloved rock records, "In the Dark" has a clear, clean drive to its sound.

Trebek's Kelly, singer Matt Dionne, and guitarist Jesse Boudreau will be together in the Coppertop Friday starting at 8 (the full band also includes drummer Jeff Pitts).

 Trebek's roots go back to the Fitchburg band Naked Vinyl. As the band transformed, it dropped a rap-rock influence (though Dionne can still deliver a mile-a-minute verse when he feels like it) and picked up a cleaner pop edge to its rock foundation.

The band released its self-titled debut CD in 2006 and won "Best Live Act" honors in the 2007 and '08 Worcester Music Awards.

After some time off, Trebek returned last year with the summer release of "In the Dark." Dionne is a strong singer with a versatile voice who can deliver a catchy performance without resorting to pop formula, resulting in a wide range of influences on the new CD.

"We all are creative in our own ways, and we try and bring all of that into the band," Kelly says. So you may find bits of reggae or harder rock in the mix.

Trebek is spending the early part of the this year honing its live show.

"We have these new songs, but are looking for the best way to put them together as a show," Kelly says.

And the work starts anew Friday in the Coppertop.

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