Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Songs you know; songs you'll get to know

The bands landing gigs at the Coppertop pitch their ability to entertain. It doesn’t matter if they come from the rock world, or from country land, or are folkies, or blues dudes; the bands know they have to win over listeners with a mix of talent and familiarity.

But this week’s lineup reminds that there’s no shortage of original creativity trucked into the Coppertop as well. Check out this video Tom Hurley from Drunken Uncles doing"Running Out," one of his own songs.

 Tom_ who first proved his writing chops in the band Joe Rockhead_ and guitarist Robin Steiger formed Drunken Uncles a few years ago and quickly established themselves as an in-demand acoustic duo. They are playing in the Coppertop Thursday night. The pair knows countless songs by artists as diverse as Dropkick Murphys and Della Reese. But when the Uncles play Thursday night, maybe we can get an original in the mix too.

Trebek, the band playing Friday night, likewise has a good store of its own songs. In addition to racking up a few awards in Pulse magazine readers’ polls and Worcester Music Awards for its live show, Trebek also released an album, “In the Dark,” that garnered the band regional airplay. More than straight-up rock, Trebek airs a polished, powerful brand of pop.

Fred Ellsworth returns to Wachusett Saturday night with his band. Ellsworth can go in any number of directions; he can be stone country or dig into bluesy rock, depending on he sizes up a gig.

The shows on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday run 8 to 10 p.m.

And we’ll be checking in later this week with finger-picking guitarist Sean Fullerton who holds down the ’Top Sunday afternoon starting at 4 p.m.

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