Wednesday, March 13, 2013

"Astronauts" ready for take off

Singer Antonio Casasanta sizes up the dilemma his band We Were Astronauts faced before making its debut record this way: “We feel like the industry wants a song it can sell. Musicians want to make something full of depth.”

We Were Astronauts took the musicians’ route in making “Outside Boston,” a collection of 10 songs with plenty of varied textures.  Rooted in alt-pop and indie rock, “Outside Boston” boasts the airy meanderings of “Skin,” the rumble of “The Circus Within” and “Rubber Tramp” and anthemic sweep of the title track and “Soapbox Shimmy.”

The band released the record in January, and Casasanta says gamble paid off with nothing but  positive feedback.
We Were Astronauts

We Were Astronauts makes its Coppertop debut Saturday. Show time is 8 p.m. 

The band came togethr in Milford little more than a year ago, corralling members of other groups around a new batch of songs and songwriting ideas. Casasanta says that while he had a bunch of  material written, much of it was shaped as each member of the group brought his own style to the material (and these are guys who have played everything from heavy music to jam-band stuff).

We Were Astronauts then headed to Nashville, backed with Kickstarter funding, and made “Outside Boston” at Welcome to 1979 studio, where all the gear is old-school-style analog.

“The kind of music we’re making is like the music by Black Keys or Kings of Leon. The analog gear draws more attention to the human element in the sound,” Casasanta says.

For an initial effort, We Were Astronauts hit all the right buttons; it’s accessible, lively, and independent. Catch ’em  locally before they blast off

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