Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Extra Irish on tap this week

Katie McD will be at the mountain on St. Patrick's Day

There will be a couple of shots of Irish music in this final round of regularly scheduled shows in the Coppertop. Mick Carr, who performed earlier in the season, returns Friday to set the mood for St. Patrick’s Day, then Katie McD (who also played a St. Paddy’s show last year at the mountain) arrives Sunday with her blend of original and traditional Celtic fare.

But like they say on the infomercials _ That’s not all.

The Drunken Uncles get things started on Thursday. Uncle Tom Hurley has a video for his song “Running Out”  (watch it above) in the running for video of the month on Charter TV’s “WooTube” program. Go to the WooTube Facebook page to vote and see which clips are also on the ballot.

And on Saturday, We Were Astronauts makes its ’Top debut. This is alt-pop troupe just released the album “Outside Boston” which was made way outside Boston in a studio in Nashville. Check back for that story later in the week.

Good spring or what?

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