Saturday, February 2, 2013

Acoustic rock pre-Bowl show

Heidi-Jo Hanson, left, performing with Fern Parker

Don’t let the acoustic guitar fool you; Heidi-Jo Hanson is a rock chick. She likes Zeppelin, Seger, the Mac and has the sort of earthy, bluesy voice and full-bodied guitar tone to pull it off _ alone.

“I never want to do a song like you hear it on the radio. I like to take a song and put my own little flavor in it. You can’t say, ‘Here’s a song I wrote by Van Morrison,’ but you can give it some of your own personality,” Hanson says.

Hanson, her guitar, and her personality will be at the Coppertop Sunday from 4 to 6 p.m.  While we can’t vouch for what you’ll see during the Super Bowl half-time show, we can assure there won't be lip-synching at this gig happening before kick-off.

Hanson started playing out 20 years ago, gaining a name as a member of Moonstruck before going solo. She released an album of original material ten years ago and is building material for follow up to “I’m Still Me,” which garnered some airplay around Massachusetts.

Hanson carried on with shows that keep her hopping around the North County and a regular summer gig in Maine at Old Orchard Beach. She’s opened for Jonathan Edwards and helmed open-mic nights, and lately been playing duo sets with up-and-coming guitarist Jesse Graves. And for a real left turn, Hanson started playing drums in the Angry Debutantes (think combat boots, pretty dresses, and Black Sabbath).

You get the picture_ Hanson likes to keep things interesting. She’s even ready to get another album of her own songs together.

Though that may mean fewer pub shows and more trips to the coffeehouses, where  Hanson can test out new material.

But don’t expect Hanson to ditch her covers catalog.

“I play songs that I love,” she says. “It’s all stuff I grew up on, and it seems to connect with people from 10 to 60.”

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