Monday, February 18, 2013

Fairhaven: a modern classic

For a young band, Fairhaven has some strong ties to an older generation of rock. The band’s manager used to handle tours for Boston and the Doobie Brothers. Jeff Watson, the original guitarist for Night Ranger (you remember “Sister Christian,” right?) produced Fairhaven’s excellent “Plan A” album, which came out last year.

It makes sense for these “big rock" vets to get behind Fairhaven, as the Providence-bred band has the hooks and the sweep of those popular bands while managing to put its own modern, alt-pop spin on its songs.

“It was a good fit working with (Watson),” says Fairhaven singer Alan Connell. “We were in a really creative space up in Mill Valley (CA). It was really relaxing, and we just worked on the music.”

Following the release of “Plan A,” Fairhaven made its first national tour and is already sketching ideas for its next batch of songs.

“That tour really opened my eyes. I saw many parts of the country for the first time, and as the vocalist and main lyric writer, that tour gave me a lot of ideas. It was also a great experience for the whole band chemistry,” Connell says.

Hear for yourself when Fairhaven performs from 8 to 10 p.m. Tuesday in the Coppertop. The show will feature the core band of Connell, keyboard player Trevor Gould, and drummer Brian Moura (on bigger stages, Fairhaven swells to a five-piece).

“The songs have a big sound and lot of emotion. We’ll get creative,” Connell says of the stripped-down show.

Fairhaven songs run from the bright “The World is Waiting” to edgier “Fear,” the latter gaining some decent radio play.

Connell says a spring tour of the East Coast is on tap, so take a tip and catch this band in the intimate ’Top setting while you can.

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