Thursday, February 21, 2013

Classic considerations from MCats Band

MCats Band
The MCats Band specializes in classic rock, or more accurately songs with classic sensibilities, so you see some Jet and Black Keys in a repertoire heavy on Who, Tom Petty, and Stones. Keyboard player Erik Heels, bass player Eamon Tighe, saxophonist Bob Adams, drummer Josh Stein, and guitarists Jon Oltsik and Paul Greenspan joined forces in 2006 to play a fund-raising show for the McCarthy-Towne School (MCT) in Acton, where all of their kids were students at the time. .

They stuck together and raise a ruckus around the Acton-Boxboro area. Ahead of the MCats show Friday in the Coppertop, we put some classic-rock queries to the band, and Heels provided the following responses

1) Imagine you're in charge of the MCats-Stock music festival, and you can book any band from any era. Who are the top five acts?
Tom Petty
The Rolling Stones
Pink Floyd
The Who
Not necessarily in that order!

2)If MCATS could perform a whole album live, which would it be?
"Full Moon Fever" by Tom Petty (1989)

3) Best song to open a show?
"Good Lovin'" - The version we do is a mash-up of the versions by The Rascals and Grateful Dead.  It's a good song to sound check on, and we often open with it if we're pressed for time, which is admittedly an odd reason.  It also has a defined ending, unlike many songs.

4)Best song for the big finish?
" Runnin' Down A Dream" by Tom Petty.  Because of the epic guitar solo.  Tough solo to top.

5) Complete the sentence, "Man, I wish I wrote...."
 Man, I wish I wrote "Use Me" by Bill Withers (from his 1972 album "Still Bill").  Smooth tune, smooth vocals, smooth lyrics.  Did I mentions smooth?
MCats go on at 8 p.m.

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