Thursday, February 2, 2012

Captain's log

Chris "Captain" Coombs has been performing in the Coppertop for as long as the room has been offering music.

"Back then it was Kelly and Captain," notes Coombs.

But for the past eight or so years, it's been Brian and Captain, and the acoustic duo returns to the Coppertop Friday at 8 p.m.

Coombs recalls the night he was playing in Fitchburg when Brian Bautor asked if he could sit in for a song. Batour kicked into a ZZ Top number, and that was enough for Coombs to throw in his cards with a new project.

The two stick to an acoustic format, but can cover a wide array of rock and even swing into hip-hop and country. 

"The growth in popularity for country has been the biggest trend lately," Coombs says. "And there has been an evolution in the country genre. It has a lot more rock and pop influence in it."

Coombs estimates that the duo has learned about 400 songs ober the years. And they mix old and new, knowing that the hot song today can easily cool off, while there's always an audience for, say, a vintage Van Morrison song.

"That's why they call them classics," Coombs says.

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