Thursday, February 9, 2012

Talking big songs with Trebek

So the "essentials" lists keep coming in. Trebek, who returns to the Coppertop Friday night, weighed in on rock anthems _ you know the big songs that get fists pumping and heads banging. Singer Matt Dionne (shown tackling one of his picks in the video below) sent along these "essential rock anthems": 

"Faithfully" by Journey - Best ballad ever written.  The crescendos and decrescendos in the song pull the listeners in and keep them wanting more.  This song also has the best climax due to Steve Perry's flawless vocals.

"Born to Run" by Bruce Springsteen - It just makes you want to punch someone from the first note on.  This song owns you and it is impossible to not love it  It is a simple structure, yet has technical aspects in it as well.  This is not your typical radio rock of today; it is what the radio should be seeking out, however.  

 "We Will Rock You" by Queen - Such a simple theme from a crazy dynamic band.  The point of the song is so basic, but with Freddie Mercury at the head of this ship it takes a great song over the top with greatness.  Hard to reproduce.

"Highway to Hell" by AC/DC - The importance of a simple riff is so ridiculously evident from the start.  Most guitarists can listen or learn this song and think, "Why can't I put something like this together?"  Get past the guitar riff and immediately recognizable drumming, and you hear the vocals kick in and you almost immediately clench your fist.

"Sympathy for the Devil" by Rolling Stones - A great song that features some cool drumming, backing vocals, messages, and overall vibe.   Great tune by an amazing band.

Tomorrow, Tall Heights provides some pointers on essential folk rock (and you may see some overlap from other lists).

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